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IMG_6818I’m a fierce lion, when I need to be.

Sure, my old familiar Mama Bear is still in here, strong arms outstretched to both cuddle and protect, but I feel the rush of my lioness spirit no longer cowering behind my greatest fears.

They are still there, my fears, like old photos tucked away in an album that you pull out once in a while to playfully reminisce and appreciate that familiar piece of you not yet forgotten.

Today I stand with a roar in my heart because I cannot be broken when I fall. We’ve made it thus far on this journey and we continue on solid ground in truth. Not because it makes sense to anyone else, but because it is who we are, plain and simple.

As we hope to rise above the sea of judgement in the world, release your assessment of others. Stop yourself when making an assumption of someone on the street and replace that thought with compassion. Our negative opinions are useless, pointless. Release them, and see your world change.

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